Stand Number: A'9
Region: SIN EL FIL
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961-1-500252
Fax: +--
Mobile: +961-71-972525
Facebook: ProTech Monte-Carlo Lebanon
Stand Manager: MILED JREIJ
Spa for Cars & Creator of Car Care Solutions since 1989. Every day, your vehicle is directly exposed to bad weather conditions, pollution, sunlight, humidity, insects, wax, ... The unique process invented and applied by ProTech guarantees the best protection possible against these conditions and the preservation of the gloss and coloring up to 5 years on a new car. The ProTech Treatment enhances the beauty of painted surfaces, leaving a perfect finish and giving your car that gleaming shine. It gets it and keeps it in pristine condition. The immediate result is even more striking on used cars. This treatment helps to bring the paintwork back to life and to ease its regular cleaning.