Stand Number: C12
Region: BYBLOS
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961-9-943023
Fax: +--
Mobile: +961-3-617927
Stand Manager: ALICE EDDE
The Alice Eddé products for fashion, garden and home, inspired by flora from all over the world, proudly bear the stamp of Made in Lebanon. A combination of Lebanese designers, craftsmen and perfumers create a heartwarming line of products that expresses all the warmth, poetry and skill of their country. The Garden Range includes flowerpots, a full gardener’s kit including select seeds from the Alice Eddé gardens. And while the scents for my fragrances and soaps are collected directly from Grasse, they are combined and composed by IDEO Parfums in Beirut. So while it’s my name on the label, the talent belongs to Lebanon.