Stand Number: G8
Region: BEIRUT
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961-03-765654
Fax: +--
Mobile: +961-76-077866
Website: www.
Facebook: ART.CAGES
Stand Manager: RUBA EL-AMINE
ART.CAGES, a social enterprise, focused on three main activities: 01/ upcycling cages into decorative & functional art.cages 02/ creating a line of designed merchandise 03/ decorating private & public events under the theme of liberty part of the proceeds (05-15%) supports human rights, animal rescue, and environmental ngos. art.cages was recently founded by, multi-disciplinary designer, ruba el-amine who left her full-time job of 13 years to launch her artistic, spiritual, and social mission art.cages - a way to give back to the global community its sense of "liberty over captivity"!