Stand Number: C7
Region: SARBA
PO Box: 60151,Jal El DIB ,Lebanon - Lebanon
Tel.: +961-9-900300
Fax: +961-9-835035
Mobile: +961-3-907070
Facebook: solet
Stand Manager: CHARBEL HERRO
Solet, the leader in the Carpets & Rugs business in the Lebanese and Middle Eastern Market, was founded in 1978, by the late Mr. Wakim Herro (1941 - 2002). Solet has been importing high profile carpets in order to satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated customers. Solet invaded the European and the Eastern markets to expand its business to cover all Art of Living aspects. Its collection extended from Persian, Caucasian & European Rugs to offer wall-to-wall, Wood and Laminate Flooring, Vinyl, Wallpaper, WPC, Artificial Grass & Decorative Items