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Region: JAL EL DIB
PO Box: 60-329 - Lebanon - Lebanon
Tel.: +961-1-484131
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Email: Salma@salmasamaha.com
Website: www.ul.edu.lb
Stand Manager: SALMA SAMAHA
Lebanese university, faculty of agriculture and veterinary sciences, landscape and land management department (pat) founded in 1998, the landscape and land management department, includes three areas of expertise: 1- creating new projects: from micro-scale, private and public spaces, to the regional macro-scale. 2- Taking into consideration the landscape, in the development and infrastructure projects, in order to preserve this "natural and cultural resource", as defined by the Unesco. 3- Using the "economic component" of the landscape and its role, in any local development. The landscape engineer degree is recognized by the order of engineers and architects of Lebanon.