Why a Beirut Rose

Quite a long time ago Beirut used to be known as the Garden city

Even till now, each parcel of land left standing alone blossoms with wild plants bringing yet again life into a city that has witnessed many rebirths.

Molded in history, this Mediterranean capital has, over the centuries, proudly exhibited perpetuity, courage and love of life to its inhabitants and the rest of the world.

To celebrate this unique and cherished city, the Garden Show & Spring Festival offered the Beirut Municipality a rose named “The Beirut Rose”.

From the French rose producer “Meilland”, the rose will be available worldwide in its catalogue and at the nursery of its agent in Lebanon, Robinson Agri.

The planting of the Beirut Rose took place on May 30, 2012 at 11 am at Martyr’s Square in downtown Beirut.